Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swing Dance?

Swing dance includes a range of vintage dances from the 1920s-40s including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues and Shag, all danced to swing music. Sometimes danced with a partner and sometimes alone, it’s hard to wipe the smile off your face when you’re swing dancing.


Do I need a partner?

Not at all!
Whilst it’s always fun to come with a friend, we will rotate partners throughout the class.


What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! Many of our dancers wear casual clothes or come straight from work, others prefer to dress up in vintage fashion. Flat comfy shoes are a good idea too, if you can swivel and move about on the floor easily, even better!


When can I start?

All of our beginner classes are drop in classes.  You can start at any time!


I have danced other styles before, do I need to attend Level 1?

Yes! Level 1 teaches the basics of Swing Dance. By level 2 we’ll assume you have the basics down and we won’t spend a lot of time revising them.


What age are your students?

We have taught students as young as 18 all the way up to those in their 70s, our classes often have people in them with a wide range of ages


I’ve been in Level 1 for a while now and I would like to move up, what do I need to do?

Our beginner classes will cover the basics of 6 beat, side by side and tandem Charleston, Lindy Hop and 20s Charleston. To move up to level 2, you just need to demonstrate to your teacher that you know the basics of 6 beat, both forms of Charleston and Lindy Hop, and that you can do a basic transition in and out of all of these styles. All of our venues rotate their content, so if you need to brush up on a particular style you can just check out the website to see which venue is teaching it. When you move up to Level 2, we strongly encourage you to keep going to Level 1 classes because the stronger your foundations are, the easier it will be to learn the trickier material taught in Levels 2 & 3. Plus, your teachers will vary the material they teach in the Level 1 classes so you will learn new moves and techniques, even if the style is the same.