Class Timetable

All Corner Pocket Swing Classes are on break for the holidays.  We will be back swinging in 2018.  Watch this space and facebook for details about when classes will resume.


Lindy@ Fortitude Valley

454 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
6:30pm - Level 1 Beginner Blocks (new block every 4 weeks)
7:45pm - Level 2 Intermediate








Balboa @ The Danish Club with Rob and Emma
36 Austin St, Newstead

7:00pm - Level 1 Balboa Fundamentals
8:15pm - Level 2 Balboa Explorers




Lindy @ Newstead
36 Austin St, Newstead

6:30pm - Level 1 (Absolute beginners) 
7:45pm - Level 2 (Intermediate) 





First time Swing Dancing?

Try a level 1 class. All level 1 classes are drop in and require no previous experience or knowledge.

Wanting to move up from Level 1?

Have a look at the information on moving up in our FAQ

Venue Locations