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Weekend swing dance classes

lindy hop swing dance weekend beginner classes

These classes are aimed at beginners looking to fast-track their learning or cement knowledge gained from weekly classes, dancers wishing to learn the other lead/follow role and those unable to attend regular weekly classes.  These workshops will cover similar material over the three and a half hour session that we would in a four week period within our regular weekly classes.  You don't have to register, you can turn up on the day if you wish, but we may need to cap numbers and registering will secure your place.

Time: 9:15am-12:45pm,

Cost: $45 per class. 


April 28 - Learn to Dance in a Day: Slow balboa

Graceful, flowing, and sophisticated, Slow Bal is a beautiful, relaxed style of swing dance which is perfect for those lovely slow swing songs like Stardust, Moonglow, and Moonlight Serenade. It is characterized by a basic that is danced in close embrace and has a rhythm with triple steps like Lindy Hop. 

All are welcome. This workshop will start at absolute beginner level and gradually progress you through to more advanced movements. 

Teachers Rob & Emma have been dancing Slow Bal for many years and have learned form some of the best, including Dean Raftery who was one of the original Balboa old timers and is the main source of inspiration for modern day Slow Bal.