Tanya has been healthily obsessed with all things Swing since March 2010, when a friend asked another friend, who asked her to come to a Blues lesson. Three weeks later, she attended her first swing class in Melbourne and *insert cliche here*. Tanya has travelled to multiple interstate exchanges and camps and has taken advantage of as many visiting international teachers as possible. She has competed in AJC in 2011, taking out 1st place in 'Midstream Madness' and 'Marnie Oliver's Up and Comers,' In addition to the recreational Jack and Jill comp. Tanya has also been a member of the Melbourne troupe 'Brat Pack' 2013-4 where she performed across Melbourne (and beyond) and taught the odd class.

During the daylight hours, Tanya teaches secondary school history and has found multiple opportunities and excuses to share the Jazz love to her students and other teachers. 2016 saw Tanya move to Brisbane and join the Back Pockets troupe and combine her loves - teaching, performance, history and dance in one damn exciting year. She looks forward to sharing this geek-level love with anyone! Bring it 2016!