Susie Pembroke Wilson


Susan Pembroke Wilson, also known as the “Susie Qs” in dynamic duo Odd Shoes and Susie Qs, has been dancing all her life. Starting at the tender age of just 3 years old, Susie has always has a passion for dance and performance. Susie has over 15 years of classical ballet and Jazz training, and dabbled in any kind of dance she could get her hands on including tap, contemporary, hip hop, even belly dancing. As an adult Susie studied performance, dance and choreography at Queensland University of Technology, giving her a greater understanding of movement, art, and connection with audiences.

Chasing her love of dance, Susie took her first Swing Dance class in 2008 with Swing Dance Brisbane, however it was not until travelling interstate to dance in 2011 that she saw its full potential and fell in love with the joyful and high energy dance: Lindy Hop. Susie has since travelled extensively to dance socially, and learn from the best international Lindy Hop instructors the world over. She has been competing, performing and sharing her love of Swing (both partnered and solo) with students since 2012, and continues to challenge herself and her perceptions of the dance.

Susie’s teaching style is fun and fresh, and looks to preserve the joyful spirit of Lindy Hop whilst still being grounded in great technique. This year, Susie aims to raise the bar of Lindy Hop in Brisbane.

You can find Susie teaching weekly on a Thursday night with Nick at Newstead.  You can email Susie on