Slow Balboa for Everyone


Slow Balboa for Everyone

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Slow Bal is not just Balboa done slowly. It is actually a different dance that was done to slow swing music on the Balboa peninsula. There are a lot of beautiful swing songs that are too slow to dance Lindy Hop to, but have the perfect feel for Slow Bal. It's relaxed, flowing, and graceful, giving you a musical match for wonderful songs like Stardust, Moonglow, and Moonlight Serenade. It is characterised by a basic that is danced in close embrace and has a rhythm with triple steps like Lindy Hop.

Teachers Rob & Emma have been dancing Slow Bal for many years and have learned form some of the best, including Dean Raftery who was one of the original Balboa old timers and is the main source of inspiration for modern day Slow Bal.

We'll be starting from the beginning with this dance, but some partner dance knowledge is recommended, as we will be progressing you through to more advanced movements.

No partner required, we will be rotating partners in class. There will be short refreshment breaks and it's always a good idea to bring a drink bottle and a note book to dance classes. Shoes with low friction soles are preferable. The floor is sprung timber with medium grip. The room is well air-conditioned

Date:  Saturday 25th May

Time: 10am to 1pm

Cost: $45 per class. 

Venue: Danish Club, 36 Austin St, Newstead

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