Sarah and Anthony Workshop

Sarah and Anthony Swing dance workshop teachers

When?         April 15th to 17th

Where?        Friday night and Saturday workshop - Ashgrove Bowls Club
                    Yoku Road, Ashgrove

                    Sunday workshop - Cooparoo Bowls Club
                    32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo

Cost?  (Registrations will open in March)

$185 Full weekend Advanced pass- 2 full days of dancing and Friday night social (including Sunday morning advanced class)

$165 Full weekend Intermediate pass- 2 full days of dancing and Friday night social (no advanced class)

$90 Day workshop pass (Saturday or Sunday)

$25 Individual classes available at the door,  $30 for each aerials class on Sunday.

Note that Aerials classes- all participants must register with a partner, we will not be rotating during class


Friday night Pocket Social (including Jack and Jill entry) $10, or free with full workshop pass

Saturday night at the Brisbane Jazz Club with Rhythm Society Dance Orchestra $30 (Not included in workshop pass)



Friday April 15th

8:30-11:30 – Pocket Social - $10 including optional entry to the Jack and Jill competition (included in full workshop pass)

No beginners class this week, instead at 9pm we’ll be holding the heats of a Jack and Jill competition! Come along to see the best dancing Brisbane has to offer. Sarah and Anthony will be our judges and the finals of the competition will be held at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Saturday night.

A Jack and Jill competition involves dancers entering individually and dancing with different partners to songs at 3 different tempos. Dancers will be judged individually for the heats, and paired randomly for the finals where they will be judged as a partnership.


Workshop Classes

Anthony and Sarah Workshop


9:30- 10:45 - Charleston Wonderland

Charleston is so important to the history of the Lindy Hop.  With that in mind, Sarah and Anthony plan to show you how to cleverly integrate Charleston into your social dancing….without it standing out and looking like a different dance entirely. 


11- 1215 – Swingout Wonderland

We all know how awesome the swingout is.  So let’s spend some time working on how to make it feel awesome and LOOK awesome too.  Sarah is known for her dynamite swivels and Anthony is known for his dapper lead styling, so both are keen to share what things they concentrate on when designing the look of their dancing.  As well as ‘styling’, they will also focus on how to make the swingout feel great, make it efficient for fast dancing and also how to stretch it out when the music slows down.  And…..we’ll show you how to take your swingout in different directions.  Literally.


1:15 -2:30 - Old Gold

Classic Lindy Hop action from the golden age of swing dancing, drawing on the signature moves of Frankie Manning and the rest of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers


2:45-4:00 - Spins and Turns

Spinning and turning and turning and spinning….  We’re going to teach you some of our spins for both leads and follows.  We’ll start off with a bit of turning technique to help you get the most out of the moves.


Saturday night

Where:      Rhythm Society Dance Orchestra at the Brisbane Jazz Club

                 1 Annie Street, Kangaroo Point QLD

When:       16 April at 18:30–22:00 (See Facebook Event)

How much: $30 NOT included in the weekend pass (Stay tuned for details on how to purchase!)

The RSDO have booked out the dance floor at the amazing Brisbane Jazz Club so there will be room to dance to this amazing band, plus, Sarah and Anthony will be judging the finals of our Jack and Jill competition during the night.

The Rhythm Society Dance Orchestra make their debut at the Brisbane Jazz Club on April 16. Performing hot jazz and dance music from the 1920s and 30s, the ensemble will perform arrangements from the big band pioneers, including early Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong. Dance off both your shoes, and enjoy a sensational lindy hop contest.

Jack and Jill Contest: Heats for this competition will be held on Friday night. This final will showcase the best of Brisbane’s dance scene and will be judged by our visiting Melbourne teachers, Sarah and Anthony Wheaton


Anthony and Sarah Wheaton swing dance workshop


9:30- 10:45 - Advanced - Super-Duper Social moves for Super-Duper Dancers!

This class will be all about teaching you some of our favourite advanced social dancing moves…… the kind of stuff that makes you stand out on the social dance floor and it’s all Lead-Follow.


11- 1215 - Rhythm is our Business

A great way to spice up your dancing is to have a bit of fun with the rhythms.  Step outside step-step-triple-step and jaunt your way into some different rhythms allowing for greater musicality and contrast in your dancing.


1:15 -2:30 - First Time Flyers - all participants must register with a partner, we will not be rotating during class

Never done any aerials before but keen to?  This class is for you.  Anthony and Sarah have been teaching aerials for about 12 years!  They love showing new dancers how to have some fun in the air – all while making sure that returning the follow to the ground safely is of the utmost importance!  We’ll start with some lifting technique and then pass on a couple of great beginner aerials.


2:45-4:15 – Frequent Flyers - all participants must register with a partner, we will not be rotating during class

If you’ve done a bit of aerials before – then this class will be great for you.  We’ll teach you how to do the Charleston Flip, as well as one other aerial.

Anthony and Sarah Pop Jump

Anthony and Sarah

Anthony and Sarah have have made swing dancing their passion since they each started dancing in late 1999. Anthony & Sarah joined together as a partnership at the end of 2002 and since then have established themselves as leaders in the Melbourne Scene and have taught several national and international workshops.  They currently run one of the biggest weekly classes in Melbourne for Swing Patrol.

In terms of influences, these two consciously embrace the history of Lindy Hop with both their preferred music and dance style. They’ve studied dance footage from the 20’s right through the golden years of swing and aim to reflect the original styles in their own dancing. Through fast dancing, Aerials and Charleston, Anthony & Sarah are well known for their ability to ‘fly’ at faster tempos. With a love for 20’s hot jazz and 30’s big band swing, individually they’re also quite adept at solo Charleston and jazz dancing. If stylin' is your thing - then you'll certainly love learning from these guys as they'll share tips on how to create beautiful lines, great layouts for the leads and super swivels for the follows.

For those of you that have already learnt from Anthony and Sarah, you’ll know that their classes revolve around building solid foundations in Lindy Hop technique with an unhealthy focus on fun. They emphasise feeling the music and adapting your dancing accordingly, using great partner connection, clear lead/follow communication and creativity. Anthony & Sarah have an extensive knowledge of general dance principles and use these to give their students a clear understanding of Lindy Hop and it’s evolution.