Oddshoes and Susie Qs Workshop - Preparing for SCOZ

Date and Time: 17th January 2016 - 9:30am - 4:15pm

Location:  Danish Club 36 Austin St, Newstead

Cost: $80 per person for the whole workshop.  Individual classes: $15 per class for Solo and Audition classes, $20 per class for all others.  
Registration for the workshop is now open.  Click here to register.

Join Corner Pocket Swing with Oddshoes and Susie Q’s to get ready for Swing Camp Oz 2016! We want to spend a day going through the styles of the teachers on offer at SCOZ to help you make the most of your time in Lismore this January. If you aren't lucky enough to be attending SCOZ then this is also a good opportunity to get a taste of some of the flavours that have come out of SCOZ in the past so you don’t have to miss it all.

9:30-10:30am - Auditions and surviving a full week of dancing
We want to start the day with an open discussion class (as well as some exercises). Auditions are basically terrifying no matter how you dress it up. We will put together some tips and some exercises that will show you how they structure it at SCOZ and hopefully turn the dial down on the Terror meter. Looking to make it into Level 4 or just want to get it over and done with as a less experienced dancer then this one is for you. Tips for surviving a week long dance camp will also be on offer to make sure you make the most out of your time and don’t burn out.

10:35-11:45 - Steve & Chandrae - Smooth LA Style Lindy Hop
12:00-1:10: Steve & Chandrae - Smooth LA Style Lindy Hop

We want to spend two classes looking at the smoother LA style of lindy inspired by Steve and Chandrae. Their style is a little bit different from the east coast/savoy style lindy that covers most of the swing floors at the moment. The style itself was popularised from greats such as Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan and grew around LA in the later period of the swing era. Characterised by isolating rhythm to the lower half of the body with a smooth counterbalanced top allows for some very fun connections and movement. Staples of the style include counter balance connection, whipping swing outs, sugar pushes galore and a tight closed position that opens up a plethora of foot-play. With greater control over your rhythms and pulse it also opens the door to some soulful swing which can be amazing

1:10-2pm - Lunch

2-3pm - Solo Jazz – How to make the most of it
In my experience nothing has made me a better partner dancer more quickly than solo Jazz. It teaches you body control and isolation, practices various rhythms, gives you a better frame to connect with and opens up new shapes and options to all your steps. Despite this, it can be pretty scary to go it alone. We want this class to get you more comfortable getting in the mix and getting the most value out of those classes. Hopefully if you haven’t signed on to the Jazz weekend before SCOZ this will change your mind.

3:05-4:15pm: Michael& Evita – Clean and Expressive
Inspiration from Michael & Evita bring a much lighter connection to their lindy hop than many dancers. Their focus is on each bringing their own dance to the partnership and not relying heavily on each other at all times. It opens up options for a very clean and expressive partnered dance. Their lightness is an absolute joy to find and it gives a very different texture to your dance conversation. They also use an expanding frame throughout their connection that adds a breath to the connection which you will find thrilling. We will explore their swing out and some key movements that show how Michael and Evita dance so you can access their content quickly and effectively down south.

Cost: $80 per person for the whole workshop.

individual classes: $15 per class for Solo and Audition classes, $20 per class for all others