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Odd Shoes and Susie Qs - Advanced Workshop

As you may have heard, Susie is leaving the country for an indeterminate amount of time, hopefully to be closely followed by Nick. Before they have to say goodbye they want to share one more advanced workshop with you, the swing dancers of Brisbane, to share a little bit of who they are and what they believe about lindy hop so you can try it on for size. In this workshop they will focus on four key concepts that are central to they way they connect to each other and understand the dance.

Over 3.5 hours (including breaks) they will cover:
Dynamism. This is a dynamic dance, we’ll work on breaking out of fixed or rigid ideas about connection and/or frame.
Body Relationships. How does our body relate to our partner? How does that affect our movement? We’ll look at hip and chest connection, and symmetry within our dance.
Connected Space. There is no creativity without constraints. We’ll explore the idea of freedom of expression and what that looks and feels like in a partner dance.
Lead-ception. When we’re well connected we are constantly responding to each other. When we both focus on energy rather than moves the line between lead and follow starts to blur.

This workshop is aimed at intermediate plus/advanced dancers who want to dig deeper into ideas of connection in lindy hop. Dancers should be able to perform a range of standard shapes, add variations and have an understanding of how to share or isolate these. We encourage students to self diagnose disconnections with their partner, take steps to modify their approach and/or request specific information from the instructor.

Cost: $45

Tickets available with cash or card at the door, but please email to book your place.

Earlier Event: 28 July
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Later Event: 11 August
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