Shob and Andy Workshop

Shob &Andy Workshop.png

When?            July 11th and 12th


Where?           Ashgrove Bowls club

                        Yoku Road Ashgrove


How Much?       $25 per class

                         $90 one day pass (Saturday or Sunday)

                         $160 both days NOT including advanced class

Shob and Andy workshop passes

$180 both days including advanced class
All classes can be purchased on the door.Workshop passes can also be prepurchased via PayPal




Class 1 (10:00-11:15) - Level 2/3 Lindy Hop

Class 2 (11:15-12:30) - Level 2/3 Lindy Hop

Lunch (12:30-13:30)

Class 3 (13:30-14:45) - Drag Blues

Class 4 (14:45-16:00) - Blues Waltz

Extra 16:00 - 16:30 - Facilitated practice time

Class 5 (10:00-11:15) - Dips and Tricks

Class 6 (11:15-12:30) - Solo

Lunch (12:30-13:30)

Class 7 (13:30-14:45) - Steals

Class 8 (14:45-16:00) - Advanced





Saturday night - Social Dancing at the Newmarket Bowls Club

When: 7:00-11:00

Where: Newmarket Bowls Club, 212 Ashgrove Ave, Ashgrove

How much: $10 - tickets only available at the door

Shob and Andy will be teaching a Soul Class at 7:15pm so make sure you are on time!

DJs: Andy Fodor and Matt Greenwood


Class Outline


Class 1 (Intermediate) - Freaking great fundamentals

Come to our swing bootcamp where all you need is to count to 2!  We are going to really examine the building blocks of our dance, refine them and then take them out for a spin.  Working with these simple tools gives us infinite possibilities...and you will never need to remember moves again! 

Class 2 (Intermediate) - When leading is following

Intrigued? Come and explore a topic that is really inspiring us, the generation and sharing of energy in our dance.  We will work on creating momentum and then passing it between us, lead to follow and follow to lead.  It feels like a dream…come try it.

Class 3 -Drag blues 

This elegant and deeply connected style of blues dancing is one of our great loves.  We are excited to share it, both the fundamentals and some of the ideas that are currently inspiring us.  

Class 4 - Blues waltz

Find out why this is one of our most requested classes!  Dancing blues to 3/4 rhythm combines the beautiful rise and fall of waltz with the groundedness of blues. Will leave you floating out the door with a smile in your heart.  


Class 5 - Stops and Starts

Andy and Shob loooove flow and momentum in their dancing, but lately that have also been inspired in the other direction. How do you create quick stops and changes in your dancing so you are never predictable? And as a follow how do you stay behind your lead, but still be ready for anything? Super fun, will surprise and delight your partner and something we hope you can immediately improvise on the social floor.  

Class 6 - Steals

There is nothing cooler in lindy hop than a great steal!  Learn to make an entrance to a birthday jam that both your partner and the crowd will love.  Starting simple and working up to some crazy and surprising ways to steal a partner, and then learn how to create your own!

Class 7 - Solo

Not your average solo class, no routines or tricky steps.  Instead explore different ways to improvise and find what resonates with you.  This class will be very collaborative as we aim to challenge you and be challenged by you.  And leave with you some practical tools to tap into your own creativity.

Class 8 - Advanced

Come check out our latest inspiration in lindy hop, inspired by our ongoing search for connected body movement.  We don’t have a name for it yet, but it’s fun!


Who are Shob and Andy?


One day a tall, lanky Canadian walked into a Friday night dance in Melbourne with his own special brand of joyful (and occasionally goofy) lindy hop!  Thus started Shob and Andy’s dance journey together and it has brought them more joy, laughs and adventures than they could ever have imagined

True all-rounders, Shob and Andy are passionate dancers and teachers of lindy hop, balboa and blues.  Constantly learning and challenging themselves, they love to be in classes as much as teach them!  Through it all, they cherish true connection where both partners bring out the awesome in each other.

Over more than a decade, they hold dozens of Australian titles across all tempos and are proud members of Melbourne’s performance troupe Echoes of Harlem.

Shob and Andy have been honoured to be flown for workshops all over Australia, NZ and even London.  They are known for their down to earth, practical teaching style and their ability to bring the love and joy to class.

They love teaching in Brisbane and can’t wait to be back, sharing fresh concepts that are inspiring them and dancing their hearts out.


Some of our favourite Shob and Andy clips:

Shob and Andy Performing "Sugar in My Bowl" at Melbourne's Spiegeltent

Shob and Andy's winning showcase Lindy Hop routine at the Australian Jitterbug Championships 2009. Held at Malvern Town Hall on Saturday 15th August 2009.