Back Pockets Developmental Troupe Auditions

Training: Wednesday nights

We are excited to announce that we will be starting a developmental dance troupe in 2016.

The Troupe:

The focus of the Back Pockets will be on both dancing technique and performance. We expect our members to be passionate about swing dancing and sharing their love of the dance with others. Troupe will be a lot of fun, but the expectation will be that you work hard and strive for improvement. Members will be expected to work on their dancing and practice choreography outside of troupe time.

We will be mastering and regularly throwing aerials and we expect you to jump in to jam circles whenever you can, but we will equip you with the skills you need to be able to do this! We will also spend time mastering the classic patterns and on solo jazz.

This is the developmental troupe and as result most gigs will be unpaid. The night of troupe dancing will cost $10 and will include an advanced lesson, from 7-8pm, then troupe from 8-9:30pm. Troupe members must attend the entire night as the later section of the night will often build on ideas presented in the advanced class. Troupe members will also be provided with special opportunities throughout the year.

Whilst Alice and Matt will manage the troupe, you will also be taught by the rest of the Corner Pocket teachers.


You will be a competent social dancer who can easily swing out and be comfortable leading or following through different patterns. You will be obsessed by this dance and be eager to learn more. Troupe will be an essential part of your week. You will have the time and energy to commit to being part of this group- although training is only 2.5 hours a week you will be expected to work outside of class. You will be open to challenges and not hide behind excuses. 


We are holding a second round of auditions for the Back Pockets for those that were not able to make the first auditions.

When: Thursday the 14th January at 8:45pm (after the level 2 class)

Venue: Danish Club (regular Balboa and Thursday night venue)

            36 Austin Rd, Newsted

The audition process will consist of:

  • Social dancing to different tempos

  • Partnered choreography

  • Solo choreography

To register for the auditions please email us at

Your attitude towards learning the choreography and dancing on the day is just as important to us as your ability to master the steps. This is a developmental troupe and we are looking for dancers who are motivated, passionate and ready to learn.

Please contact if you have any questions, or talk to one of your teachers in class!